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Do Aftercourse Wipes ™ replace condoms?

No. In order to practice safe sex and avoid pregnancy as well as STDs that occur through transmission of bodily fluids, condoms are 100 percent necessary. With that in mind, the condom is intended to prevent the transmission of fluids through the areas it covers, and does not stop skin-to-skin contact from close contact situations between partners (mainly in crotch and pubic areas).  It precisely acts as a barrier for fluids being exchanged by females and males during sexual intercourse.  Thus skin-to-skin contact is an area that needs to be emphasized and cleaned to the best of your ability, regardless of using a condom or not since it simply does not protect what it does not cover.

Does using Aftercourse Wipes™ kill STDs?

No.  You are wiping your exposed areas with the best possible product to provide the most refreshing and sanitary practice after sex.  It is packed with potent and natural ingredients known for their cleansing characteristics, as well as ability to sooth sensitive areas of the skin.  The formula is Ph balanced as well.

What is the difference between an Aftercourse Wipe™ and an ordinary baby wipe?

Aftercourse Wipes™ provide ingredients you don’t find in baby wipes.  Infused with the Essential oils, Tea tree oil, and Lemongrass oil, you are wiping your body with a unique blend with targeted ingredients to wipe your skin post sex.  In a traditional wipes these ingredients are not included. The formula contains qualities to refresh your skin after close contact with your partners skin.   This products contents is unique and is of a quality second to none to any wipe on the market.  The wipes are made in a hydro-entangling process that insure high thread count and strong fibers, that provide a quality wipe loaded with its natural ingredients without added chemicals.

Why should I use Aftercourse wipes™?

You should use Aftercourse Wipes™ if you care about your hygiene after sex.  Proper clean up after sex is critical.  Aftercourse Wipes™ provide a method that is safe and easy.  Perhaps best of all they fit right in your pocket.

Is using Aftercourse Wipes ™ post-sex better than taking a shower?

If you shook a sick person’s hand, you would then go wash your hands right?  The same goes for post-sexual activity.  Many times after a close contact or a sexual encounter, we do not have a bar of soap, sink, or shower readily available.   A shower does not fit into your pocket.  Aftercourse Wipes however do fit into your pocket.  They exist to wipe yourself as clean as possible when coming into contact with something that potentially not as pretty as it looks on the outside.  Which in this world is nearly everything.

Do Aftercourse Wipes ™ contain alcohol?

There is no alcohol used in our formula.   In addition, we have added Lemongrass for its amazing aroma, and for its refreshing experience on your skin.  Aloe and Vitamin E are also combined in our formula to further soothe the areas being sanitized.

Do Aftercourse Wipes ™ contain alcohol?

If a condom is used, it is providing a barrier for what It covers.  As a result, anything the condom does not cover is considered exposed.  That means if there is a skin infection on the groin of your partner, your condom will not prevent this from touching your groin if your skin rubs on it.  The condoms barrier is not relevant to what it does not cover.

It is essential to wash off properly after sex. The following areas are extremely exposed to bodily contact with partners during intimacy: pubic, upper leg, buttocks, and lower stomach.  The condom offers no covering between these bodily regions when they touch each other.

Aftercourse Wipes™ were developed to wipe off these areas post sex.  The developed formula has no competitor when it comes the cleaning off post sex.

Are Aftercourse Wipes™ only for after sex? Can they be used after close contact moments of intimacy as well?

Anytime a person touches another person, a proper cleaning is crucial.  For example:  having sex or even a sexy dance.  These are situations where skin-to-skin contact are taking place.  With this in mind, we developed Aftercourse Wipes ™ to contain ingredients which are formulated for after these occurrences.  When using Aftercourse Wipes ™, you can wipe your fears away and stay clean.