Aftercourse Wipes were developed with the goal of making things as easy as possible when it comes to clean up after sex.  Many times after intercourse we don’t know everything about our partner.  Essentially they can even be a stranger.  Would you share a drink with a stranger?  Or would you use a separate cup?  When it comes to body contact, proper clean up is crucial in the moments following close contact.  You would not want  to leave a mess on your skin. That’s why you wipe with Aftercourse Wipes.

By using a wipe designed to optimize cleanliness after intercourse, you are wiping away any material you may have left on your skin otherwise.  Remember condoms protect what they cover, but what they don’t cover needs to be cleaned off.  Use Aftercourse Wipes to do this.

Our cutting edge wipes are alcohol free and contain ingredients targeted to keep us as clean as possible  immediately after the most intimate contact.

Remember after intercourse use Aftercourse.  And wipe your fears away.